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Ideal form of polystyrene aligned also serves as the diversity, flexibility and economic efficiency of the next generation seek ---- it is Toyo styrene.

・Easy to mold, any color you want
・Excellence in various physical properties enable to be used in
 various applications
・Environmentally consciousness leads to easy recycling

Polystyrene is one of resins that possess superior features.
To exert its full benefits, Toyo Styrene offers a unique lineup.
Multiple variations that are supported by reliable technology and production regime, have "width" and "quality" to cover all the needs,
including the general household products, food containers, home
electrical appliances, AV・OA equipment, industrial supplies, etc.
As material for realizing a higher level of product development,
please adopted Toyo styrene by all means.
Toyo styrene GPPS
Toyo styrene HIPS
Toyo styrene Flame retardant PS
Toyo styrene High-performance grade
Toyo MS
Basic characteristics of Toyo styrene

Example of the use of Toyo Styrene products

Foam food trays/ Dessert cup

OA equipment


Air conditioner/ Refrigerator/ TV

Recording media case

Petri dish

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