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High-performance PSplus


Toyo Styrene provide high-performance resins which is prepared for impossible applications in conventional polystyrene.


XL1 with high impact strength and gloss that comparable to ABS, T080 with high heat resistance, SH60 with a sliding property, EX7 with chemical/oil resistance and cold resistance, XR1 with high oil resistance.
Adoption example are Home electric appliances, Office supplies, Household products, Food containers, etc.

  XL1、XL5 T080 SH60
Features ・High Strength
・High Gloss
・Heat resistance ・Sliding properties
・Wear resistance
Applications ・Home electrical
・Office supplies
・Food containers ・Business equipments
 (Sliding portion)
  EX7 XR1
Features ・Chemical resistance
・Oil resistance
・Cold resistance
・High Oil resistance
Applications ・Food containers
・Refrigerator inner lining sheet
・Home electrical appliances
 (Air conditioner, etc.)

Further high functional polystyrene

Toyo Styrene offers further High Functional Polystyrene as the next stage of polystyrene.

 ・HMT-PS : High Melt Tension PS
   Good moldability for Foamed PS (for various packages with deep drawing, etc.)
 ・TF-polymer & TFP
   Heat resistance (for microwavable food packages, etc.)
 ・ESCR-HIPS : Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance HIPS
   Oil resistance (for oily food packages, hot drink cup's lids, etc.)
 ・High Purity GPPS/HIPS
   Minimized residual monomer/oligomer (for packages of low volatiles, etc.)
 ・GA : Good Appearance PS
   Excellent transparency (for light guide plate, LED lighting, signboard, etc.)
   Whitening resistance (for items exposed to hot/wet condition, Bathroom, etc.)


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